WE ARE ALL SPACESHIPS. by Spencer Agoston

A return to sculpture after nearly 8 years of performance and installation work.
How does one return to themselves after years of collaboration?

We all contain multitudes, various beliefs, thoughts, processes and habits, both conscious and unconscious, all mixed up in what we tend to identify as our selves. But to move through life's various challenges, we each must compartmentalize our actions and selves to operate. To steer ourselves through life, our spaceship self.

Each work represents a bit of that compartmentalization of the self. This series is an attempt to translate physical labor and effort–what has made up a large part of my livelihood–back into artistic fuel and creation. What is my studio practice? What is its shape? What are the forces that govern and shape our selves?

What are all of our shapes?
We are our own vessels.


Spencer Agoston is a scenographer focused on sculpting space through form, light and the human body. Engaging with the latent perspectives and biases we all carry with us in our daily lives. Graduating from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2010, with a focus on Environmental Design.


We are all spaceships. will be on view until May 28th. at BāS Bookshop.


Photo/ Brandyn Liu