Inspired by the chaos and artistic aggression of Dadaism, Hardt leaves the completion of his work completely out of his control. From a process of rearranging words, Hardt hopes that viewers will be able to independently construct what they see. 


In the end, I simply hope you enjoy what you mind constructs, as in that way, you are co-creator of what you view. As philosopher Wittgenstein said of his own work: “May others come and do it better.” This is why I share my process: then even that no longer belongs to me.

Concepts of Play and Danger:
1. Anonymity allows the viewer to construct the work in their own mind.
2. Chance creates a less and less a conscientious author, furthering anonymity.
3. Improvisation requires risk—danger—ensuring that failure and death of the artwork are
inherent possibilities, as with you.
4. Destruction occurs in each infinitely divisible moment of life to make way for the next
destruction; we do so by cutting what is made to pieces. In fact, the collages are
5. Redemption is obtained by reshaping what was destroyed, much as pork belly
metabolizes, becoming me.


PLAY AND DANGER will be on view until January 29th 2023. at BāS Bookshop.


Photo/ Brandyn Liu