Don't Cry In Public / MUCHO: Hawai'i by Sofia Enriquez

Sofia Enriquez is a Mexican-American Fine Artist based in Honolulu, HI.  She created both "Don't Cry In Public" and "MUCHO: Hawai'i" with sustainability in mind. Between the lumber used as canvases and the fabric in the collection, all materials were locally sourced. Enriquez’s visual language includes simplified portraiture inspired by androgyny, traditional catholic art, and “Spanglish” phrases used as captions on her paintings, as to comment on the cultural diversity during her upbringing in the continental United States.

“Some of the themes I wanted to explore with these series’ were collective and communal, a result of how we’ve all been impacted by the global pandemic. Being forced to adopt radically different lifestyles in order to protect one another. Isolation, depression, anger, and hope.”  –Sofia Enriquez

"Don't Cry In Public" will be on view until September 1st. and her collection "MUCHO: Hawai'i" are available in limited quantities at BāS Bookshop.


 Text/ Shanda Delos Reyes

Photo/ Brandyn Liu