After the before/Before the after by CJ Type

"After the before/Before the after" is a reflection on the in-between state we find ourselves in at this moment in March 2021. Through a series of typographic posters which artist CJ Dunn has designed using his own CJ Type typefaces from previous years as well as those still in progress, this work attempts to triangulate the liminal state which is the perpetual now. "This past year I've been fascinated with transitional states such as sunrise and sunset which evade the simple binary of light or dark, as well as the seamless backdrops which remove the apparent separation between sky and ground." –CJ Dunn

 "After the before/Before the after" will be on view until June 1st. at BāS Bookshop.

Purchase CJ Dunn's latest booklet Louvette HERE and check out his interview with HPR to learn more about his work:

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Photo/ Brandyn Liu