HEAD IN THE CLOUDS by Noa Emberson

The main themes of this show is the pursuit of balance and what it means to embrace change by letting things go.  I explored these ideas using color, texture and most importantly the organic and geometric shapes that puzzle together to form my layouts. I seek control when I do my screen printing but ultimately the imperfections that come from the process add the personality and warmth I’m looking for when taking my designs from digital to analog.


Noa Emberson or Joy Stain is an artist and designer born on O‘ahu and raised across the Hawaiian Islands. After a 4-year-stint in Orange County as an art director at Surfing Magazine he returned to Honolulu and opened Onward, a creative studio that specializes in branding and editorial. His work is an intersection of grunge surf culture, Bauhaus design, and playful shapes.

Noa's exhibition opened on October 7th and we invited him back for an Artist Talk later next month.

HEAD IN THE CLOUDS will be on view until November 20th. at BāS Bookshop.



Photo/ Brandyn Liu