DYE-NAMIC by Kristin Baucom, Christopher Ching, and Travis Sasaki

DYE-NAMIC is a collaborative exhibition developed to promote the interaction between artists, designers, and craftspeople from different disciplines in order to develop new ideas and work.

The exhibit features the collaborative works of natural pigment specialist and designer Kristin Baucom (Okbet), fashion designer Christopher Ching (CYCtheshop), and architectural designer Travis Sasaki.  The group worked together from foraging raw materials, preparing dyes and dyeing materials, to the final creation of the displayed objects.  The process was an exchange of knowledge between disciplines which undoubtedly had influence on the finished work.

This exhibit is also an opportunity to show the potential of materials readily available to us that can be used to derive beautiful color pigments to be used as dyes or colorants.  Pigments for the exhibit were derived from seasonal native and non-native plants, earth, and food waste material.

DYE-NAMIC will be on view until September 30th. at BāS Bookshop.


Photo/ Brandyn Liu