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Gal culture flourished in Shibuya at the end of 20th century. In the late 1990s, young girls filled Shibuya’s Centre Gai Street and began reating a unique cultural movement that would eventually spread throughout Japan. People came from all over the country to gather in Shibuya, having long dreamt of dressing themselves in the latest outfits from Shibuya 109. This book presents the vivid scenes that unfolded in Shibuya in 1999. 

The word “gal” – pronounced gyaru in Japanese – came straight from casual American vernacular. The word was initially used in Japan to describe young and active women, but in the early 1990s – as the country entered the bubble era – young women with luxurious lifestyles became known as “ike-ike gals” (girls in high spirits). Following in their footsteps, high school girls also started to congregate in Shibuya. Referred to as “ko-gals”, they contributed to a new image for gals in Japan.

  • Softcover
  • Publisher: Zen Foto Gallery, 2016
  • Book Size: 202 x 196mm
  • Language: Japanese & English