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Cloud Service is principally interested in the visual dialog that emerges with the simple act of placing images in new relation to one another. Drawing from her vast personal library of natural history reference books, encyclopedias, and other flea market finds, Suter assembles an enthralling mix of ‘non-art’ images which she then adapts and reorients in intuitive and often profound ways.

The set of appropriated images that makes up Cloud Service is a monographic index of clouds and cloud-suggestive forms, both vast and microscopic in scale. Sweeping aerial shots, volcanic plumes and skyscapes are interwoven with coral, cauliflowers, and bighorn sheep. Placed in the right sequence, these images resonate in new and complex ways, manipulate each other, and — with a sort of synaptic leap — take on new depths of meaning.

  • Softcover
  • Publisher: Printed Matter Inc., 2019
  • Book Size: 265 x 195 mm