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Los Angeles: Mestizo Archipelago is a cultural-historical topography of the Los Angeles contemporary art world and its relationship to religion and spirituality.
The book is comprised of original essays, interviews, charts, and maps written and created by Christian and Christina Gonzalez Ho. From 2017-2018, Christian and Christina researched the historical development of the Los Angeles art world, what makes it unique from other art cities, and what its future trajectory may be based on what is now fomenting in the city. Christian and Christina interviewed nearly 100 Los Angeles art world inhabitants, including established and emerging artists, gallerists, critics, collectors, museum directors, students, and teachers. Interviewees include influential L.A.-based artists such as Lita Albuquerque, Tim Hawkinson, Lynn Aldrich, Paul Ruscha, Edgar Arceneaux, and Jeffrey Vallance. The essays explore (1) how the physical and cultural landscape of Los Angeles has contributed to the decentered characteristic of its art culture; (2) how the homes of art patrons and visionaries fostered the formation of the L.A. art world; and (3) the diverse and counterintuitive ways art world inhabitants in Los Angeles engage with religion and spirituality in their personal lives as well as in their work. 
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Pinatubo Press, 2018
  • Book Size: 297.4 x 215.9 mm
  • Language: English